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Party Structure


The Islamic Dawa Party organisation and procedures are democratic. They are designed to encourage the maximum amount of debate and participation within the Party. Prior to this year’s conference, the party was organized in the following way:



National Executive Committee (NEC)

The NEC of the party is the highest layer in the party structure, and is composed of 15 members who are elected every national party conference (i.e. every 2 years). These members represent the leadership of the party. Their responsibilities include: mapping out the general policy directions of the party; holding the biannual national conference; holding exceptional conferences whenever deemed necessary (requires 2/3rd of the NEC vote); and managing the party’s internal organisation and public and private relations by overseeing and coordinating the work of the various branches.


National Organisation

The Party’s national organisation is composed of 6 offices. The Political Office is the main organ of the party responsible for the planning, execution and communication of the party’s political stances and policy. The Finance Office is tasked with raising funds for the party, and for accounting for party expenditure. The Media Office is responsible for expressing the party’s voice, and oversees the party’s newspaper and TV channel. The Public Relations Office is responsible for all public relations work. The Office for Organisation and Coordination coordinates and oversees the work of the provincial organisation. The Office for Out-of-Country Organisation was particularly important prior to the collapse of Saddam’s regime; due to the ruthless suppression of political activism under Saddam, the party was forced to carry out the majority of its political activities from exile. This office was responsible for coordinating and overseeing such work. Today, the nature of the work party offices abroad carry out is of course very different: working with Iraqi refugees, organising events for Iraqi exiles, building ties with non-governmental organisations and so forth.

Provincial Organisation

The IDP has branches spread across the country in the various provinces. These branches function to enable the party to play an active role in the community life of the various localities. Thus, IDP branches are usually active in such things as organising conferences and debates, civic and Islamic education programmes, and distributing literature on behalf of the party. The work of branches keep party representatives informed about local issues, and the views of the members about national issues. They also serve as a channel for collecting donation for the party. 

 IDP branch members are elected every two years by IDP members.

The branches are divided into 5 major committees:

 ♦ Political Committee 
 ♦ Finance committee 
 ♦ Organisational committee 
 ♦ Committee for Media & Culture 
 ♦ Public Relations Committee


The 2007 National Party Conference
This year’s national party council, held 19-21 April 2007 in Baghdad for the first time, brought about significant changes to the party structure. Most significantly, the conference created the position of General Secretary of the Party. The conference also called for changes in the national and provincial organisation. In the coming months, the party will be producing a detailed explanation of the powers of the General Secretary, and a mapping out of the new structures of the national and provincial organisations of the party.

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