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Our  Values

We believe that one of the most important values in Islam is Liberty. Taking away our liberty and freedom takes away our dignity and denies us the most fundamental human right. On a social level, only when we enjoy the freedom of thought and action, can we innovate and modernise. On an individual level, only when we are free, can we seek perfection in our intentions and actions. Only then, can we be held responsible for our actions before God. From the day Iraq was born, regime after regime has denied Iraqis this fundamental right. As a party born to the task of defending the liberty of the people, we lost tens of thousands in the way of fighting Saddam’s dictatorial rule. With his fall, the liberty of the people has finally been retained. For our part, we will work tirelessly to ensure that the sacrifices Iraqis have made to win back their freedom and liberty will never be reversed.

  Central to our vision on society, is the concept of equality as enshrined in Islam. God does not discriminate between people of different race or ethnicity, rather He judges us by virtue of our actions. In Iraq, Baathist rule was based on inequality, discrimination and prejudice: the rights of Iraqi Kurds were denied because they were not Arab, the rights of Iraqi Shiites were denied because they were not Sunni. We believe that all Iraqis are equal, regardless of their ethnicity or religious sect, and in the new Iraq, we are committed to ensuring that this concept of equal citizenship becomes an irrevocable reality.
  The issue of justice forms a core tenant in Islam. Peace and prosperity can only be attained if justice is present. Under Saddam, there was no justice in the law: innocent Iraqis were imprisoned, tortured and killed for no reason other than to terrorise Iraqis into submission. The new Iraq must replace the injustice of old times, with a fair and impartial Judiciary capable of administering justice for all Iraqis. This change must be demonstrated in the way we treat former members of Saddam’s Baath party who carried out crimes against the Iraqi people. The guilty must be punished for their actions, but only after a fair trial and a thorough and transparent judicial process.
   Our Beliefs: Principles
   Party's 10 Priniciples
  1. Party for all Iraqis
  We in the Islamic Dawa Party are committed to fulfilling the aspirations of all Iraqis, regardless of differences in ethnicity or religion. We believe embracing the centrality of the Iraqi National Identity is the only means by which we can keep Iraq united and strong. By taking the concept of equal citizenship as our basic starting point, and by strengthening party ties with ordinary Iraqis, we pledge to be the voice of all Iraqis.
  2. Religion, Moderation and Progress
  We are resolute in our belief that religion is about achieving peace and equality in society, and fostering within the individual a sense of morality, justice and responsibility. During the last decades, true Islam has been kidnapped by an extremist minority whose views and actions represent the most serious divergence and misrepresentation of Islam and religion altogether. In Iraq, there can be no place for movements which promote suicide bombings against innocents, which try to spread enmity between different branches in Islam, and which deny women the most basic of human rights. We are fighting to reclaim the moderate and progressive stance of Islam. Islam is about liberty, justice and equality. Islam is about moderation, tolerance and progress- and it is these values and principles that we endeavour to uphold in Iraq.
  3. Democracy
  The Party is committed wholeheartedly to the fulfilment of the historic process of democratisation in Iraq, which shall make it the first ever genuine democracy in the history of the Arab world. Our commitment to democracy is derived from Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir Al-Sadr’s theory of Wilayat al-Ummah (“Governance of the People”). We believe that khilafa (governance) is a right and an obligation granted by God to all of humanity, to manage and administer human affairs. We believe that through the realization of these teachings, Iraq will become a beacon for democracy, freedom and moderation in the Middle East. It is the undemocratic nature of Arab regimes that has bred poverty, backwardness and extremism in a region which should be one of the most prosperous regions in the world. A democratic Iraq, that is stable and unified, will turn the tide against those who rule through tyranny. It will end the appeal of extremists who have been channelling the legitimate grievances of Muslims against their ruling regimes to fuel their ideology of hate and to recruit more suicide bombers to their deadly cause.
  4. Civil Society
  We believe that tied to the success of democracy in Iraq is the founding and promotion of civil society institutions and non-governmental organisations. These institutions form the backbone of democracy and enhance citizen participation in the seismic social and political developments that are taking place in Iraq. Because of this belief, a significant proportion of the party’s work will go to galvanising and supporting such institutions, crucial as they are to promoting social responsibility and active participation in the social and political restructuring of the new Iraq.
  5. Rights of Citizens
  The party is committed to ensuring that respect for the basic rights of all citizens as outlined by the Iraqi constitution, and after decades of struggle, is preserved in all areas of day to day life in Iraq. This includes, amongst others, the right of equality before the law, the right to life, security and liberty, freedom of thought and association, the right to education, work, healthcare, and ownership of private property. We believe that all efforts must be made to support the institutions that ensure the preservation of these basic rights, particularly the Judiciary and the Human Rights.
  6. State and Society
  We hold that the State is primarily responsible for the security and well-being of its citizens, the upholding of its values, and the creation of a free and democratic environment which can ensure its progress and development. However, there is an essential role to be played by society in this great process of reform and reconstruction. The Islamic Dawa Party is committed to ensuring the fulfilment of this task through active grass-root work, empowering ordinary Iraqis to participate in the decisions that will shape their lives as well as the many generations to come.
  7. Equal Opportunity for all
  The party affirms the principle of equal opportunity for all, as enshrined in Article 16 of the Iraqi constitution. We seek to ensure that open access to education and training can be provided to all Iraqis, so that they can be the makers of their own future through commitment and hard work.
  8. Family and development
  We believe that the family forms the basis unit of society and the focal point of all its development. Islam attaches huge significance to the role of the healthy family in society, and we feel it a duty on our part to provide the right environment and resources that will enable the Iraqi family to carry out such a positive role in society. We feel it is our duty also to promote family values of love, respect and obligation, values that necessarily form a basis of our humanity.
  9. The Role of Women
  The party believes that Iraqi women have an equal role to play in the social and political rebuilding of our country. Moreover, the party seeks to encourage more women to join its ranks, to take up positions in the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government, and to play a more active role in social reform.
  10. Youth and the Future
  A central characteristic of the party has always been its reliance on youth and its belief and confidence in their abilities to attain positions of great responsibility. Iraqi youth, who constitute the majority of the population, will be the pioneers of tomorrow, and it is the party’s commitment to ensure they will be ready to lead the country into an era of peace, prosperity and promise, after many decades of darkness and sorrow.

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Party's 10 Principles
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